The Warriors Held A ‘Super Villains’ Party on Friday

by November 12, 2016
warriors super villains

While the Golden State Warriors have a roster full of very likable players, they know that as a unit, they’re viewed as the villains of the NBA.

Check that—the Warriors are seen as the “Super Villains” of the NBA.

During the Warriors’ day off on Friday, the team posed in front of gigantic letter balloons that literally spelled it out for a drone-operated camera.

(Via Draymond Green/IG)

During the party, some players posted on snapchat, displaying a custom “Super Villains” filter. Here’s a “tatted up” Andre Iguodala living that “savage life”:

andre iguodala villain

The Warriors are probably making light of the villainous stereotype that comes with being the NBA’s latest and greatest superteam, but some would caution against walking that fine line.

Earlier this week, Dwyane Wade advised the team not to play into the villain narrative and to enjoy their opportunity to play together. Wade said the Big Three in Miami bought into the villain role during their first season together, and ultimately distracted them on the court.

“I think the biggest thing is, what I say is just enjoy it. One thing we did wrong our first year was we played into the villain role because people was not liking that we was together and we tried to play into that role. That’s not why we started playing basketball – we started playing basketball because we enjoyed it and we loved it.”

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