Was LeBron a Poor Sport Following Game 6?

He certainly doesn’t seem to think so: “In the seconds after the Magic eliminated his Cavaliers, James had the good sense on his rush toward the exit to stop and shake hands with all-time NBA great Oscar Robertson, who, coincidentally, was walking onto the floor to present the Eastern Conference trophy to Orlando. But that was it. James left without saying a word and his explanation a day later was more awkward still. ”It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them. I mean, I’m a winner. That’s not being a poor sport or anything like that,’ he told reporters back at the team’s facility Sunday in Cleveland. ‘Somebody beat you up, you’re not going to congratulate them on beating you up. I’m a competitor. That’s what I do. It don’t make sense to me to go up and shake somebody’s hand.”’