WE FLY HIGH! NO LIE! G-Mennnnnnnnnn

By Sam Rubenstein

The Celtics won round two of this year’s version of Dallas-Phoenix, Cleveland’s back up to .500, the Nets are on a five game winning streak, all important NBA developments. The West is playing almost completely to form, other than the magical Portland run and Houston’s struggles. But I’m not here to talk NBA right now, sorry about that. Yesterday was a BIG day. A GIANT day so to speak…

Yes, the NY Football Giants have won a playoff game! I feel the smile muscles on my face swollen from working so hard. All week long Ronde Barber talked trash, tried to make himself the story as a Barber brother is prone to do. He said Eli “could be had.” Hey, it’s one thing for us Giants fans to make fun of our QB and his flaws, but he is OURS. When an outsider starts running his mouth, that’s where pride kicks in. Ronde also said Plaxico wasn’t as good of an athlete as Randy Moss. Fair enough. Why he would bother to bring that up, I do not know. Sounds like you have a really insightful radio show there Ronde. This is what Plax thinks of it. Pictured above.


Honestly, I felt horrible at the end of the first quarter. Giants down 7-0, a total of -2 yards (seriously), Eli looking to throw short passes to the likes of Steve Smith (no not that one. Or the other one.) and the defense on its heels already. Something clicked, old hands of glory Amani Toomer made a big catch, and the Giants got going from there.

Ronde said Eli would force things and turn the ball over. Yes, the MAN has done that in the past. Not yesterday though, and it feels gooooooooood. Here Ronde, have another one. I can’t tell you how it feels to have personally been so negative towards Eli and then to watch him step up and play – not an overpowering Peyton game – but a smartly managed NFL QB game. It’s not always about throwing 50 yard TD bombs. Eli moved the ball, kept the Tampa defense on the field, kept the Giants D fresh. I feel… a sense of… pride? For ELI MANNING!?!?!?
It’s sort of like how a parent feels about their child. You want them to succeed, and sometimes if it’s not working out, you have to give them tough love. When the child responds, they and everyone else have the right to throw it back in your face for being such a hater. I do not care. I’m just so overwhelmed with feelings of joy! Great job Eli! The season is validated.

A year ago at this time I was screaming for Coughlin to be fired. Now I’m so glad they brought the old warhorse back. While Tiki is getting his unibrow waxed before another morning show appearance on the best tupperware of the year or how to stretch the most usage out of your toothpaste tube or whatever lame assignment he gets, the GMEN will be gearing up to play a second round NFL playoff game, something the Tikster hasn’t experienced since 2001.

I’m going to the gym after I write this, and I will put my headphones into the TV feed when I’m on the treadmill to hear him talk. This is the first time in his life that his words will have any relevance. Only because he has to defend his “honor.” And I put that in quotes because he has none. Quitter. Your team got better without you because they are now A TEAM!



NO LIE!!!!




I’m gonna be a real a-hole all week. You can’t bring me down. If you do, you’re a hater, and I LUV THE HATE! LOVE IT!


Hey Romo, get ready to answer a thousand questions about… Jessica Simpson. Will she be there or won’t she? Will that be on your mind, butterfingers? Hey Terrell, how’s the usual dramatic fake injury doing?

Alright, the Post Up is coming for you basketball entertainment and information. I just can’t hide how good I feel right now!