Welcome to Flip’s Doghouse, Nick Young

by October 29, 2009

Despite a promising start to the preseason, Young finds himself on the outside looking in when it comes to Flip Saunders’ early-season rotation: “Lost in the euphoria of the Wizards’ surprising 102-91 road win over the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday was that Flip Saunders appears to have settled on a rotation — and that doesn’t bode well for youngsters and summer league superstars Nick Young and JaVale McGee. Young got his first DNP-Coach’s Decision, while McGee played a total of 42 seconds near the end of the first half. ‘He’s shown inconsistency,’ Saunders said about Young on Tuesday. ‘He hasn’t shown an ability to grasp everything we’re trying to do, the way we, or ideally how we want to play. If one guy is screwing up your offense or defense, the whole team looks bad. I talked to him about that [on Monday]. He has to become direction oriented in order to understand what those assignments are. And be able to follow out those assignments.”‘