What’s Wrong with the Utah Jazz?

by April 10, 2009

Jerry Sloan can’t figure it out, either: “So after they lost for the fourth time in their last five games, and for a fourth time during that span in rather inexplicably disinterested fashion, coach Jerry Sloan rather pointedly questioned the focus of his tail-spinning Jazz. And the mindset. And — to a degree, for all practical purposes, though not dropping the actual word — the heart. ‘That’s something I certainly wonder about: What we’re doing with ourselves to try to be ready to play,’ Sloan said when asked how the Jazz could play so well in last Sunday’s victory at New Orleans, only to have so much go so wrong in Wednesday night’s 130-101 loss at Dallas. ‘I’ve been around guys a long time in this league, and the guys that are good all the time — they prepare themselves,’ he added. ‘They’re ready to go. And we haven’t had that on the road. It’s really very disappointing.'”