Where Will Josh Howard End Up?

The once-blissful marriage between Josh and Dallas has soured, perhaps to the point of no return: “The disconnect is vast enough that while the organization issues what it hopes are comforting denials of substantive trade talks, DallasBasketball.com has learned that the J-Ho camp believes he will be traded before the Feb. 18 deadline – some Josh confidantes even convinced they’ve pinned down Howard’s future team as either being the Raptors or the Heat. From the Mavs, more denials: ‘That comes completely out of left field,’ says one team source. From an NBA exec: ‘A lot of teams want Josh Howard. It’s just a matter of what Dallas wants for him.’ From Josh: Well, he’s allowing his on-court performance to do his talking for him. And therefore: Silence. And of course, you know what they say: Just because Josh might be paranoid doesn’t mean other teams aren’t out to get him … ‘get him’ in trade, that is. The problem with these specific rumors resounding from those close to Josh isn’t that his name isn’t being discussed. Teams are exploring his availability … and frankly, those talks are occurring just as Dallas’ frustrations with him are accumulating. No, the problem with what Josh/Josh’s people believe is that when we tinker with matches in Toronto and Miami, we come up largely empty. In Toronto? DallasBasketball.com has been told very specifically that the Mavs (and other teams) believe Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo when he says they have every intention of retaining Chris Bosh through next summer, and then attempting to re-sign the free agent at that time. It’s worth noting that all involved are very, very aware of the sign-and-trade possibilities that exist there … but again, that’s well into the future. So forget Dallas native Bosh.”