Which White Player is Tyler Hansbrough Most Like?

Apparently, Tyler’s basketball future rests somewhere between David Lee and Mark Madsen: “Ask Lee, an avid college basketball fan who watched the championship game last night while here in Chicago, if he sees any parallels between himself and Hansbrough and Lee laughs. ‘The obvious,’ he said, ‘white guy that likes to rebound’ …The worst-case scenario for Hansbrough could be Mark Madsen, the ‘Mad Dog’ from Stanford. He was taken 29th overall by the Lakers in 2000 and lived a pretty good life as Shaq’s practice dummy on a few championship teams. He’s now in his ninth season as pretty much a mascot on the Minnesota Timberwolves, one of the kindest and most upbeat people you’ll ever meet in the NBA. Guess there are worse things in life to become.”