Will Fan Criticism Help Drive JR Smith Away from New York?

by May 10, 2012

After getting kicked out of the postseason, Knicks fans were an angry bunch last night, and some of them took their frustration out on JR Smith (via Twitter). Smith responded by saying that he might bolt next season. From the NY Post: “Damn didn’t know this [many] people didn’t want me in #NY might just get what you asking for!’ he tweeted, adding the ominous hashtag ‘#sorrykidz.’ Smith has a $2.5 million player option for next season he can either exercise and remain with the Knicks or decline, which would make him a free agent. The erratic-shooting 2-guard is a valuable sixth man, but he was brutal in the final three games against Miami. Smith, who, ironically, has a tattoo behind his left ear that reads ‘swish,’ shot just 3-for-15 in the Knicks’ 106-94 Game 5 loss last night, which followed his 5-for-18 brickfest in Game 3 and his 3-for-15 nightmare in Game 4. In the final three games of the season, Smith threw up 48 shots. And hit 11. ‘You can’t make shots every night,’ he said. ‘Just gotta go back to the lab this summer and work hard.’ In the series, Smith launched more shots than any Knick other than Carmelo Anthony — and to be fair, Smith’s talent coupled with the Knicks’ injuries made that a necessity — yet he shot only 31.6 percent (24-for-76) from the field. The question is whether his terrible performance will impact his decision to opt out or stay put.”