Will Michael Jordan Hire James Worthy?

by March 09, 2010

“Big Game James” tells the Gaston Gazette that, should MJ call with a job offer in the Bobcats’ front-office, he’d be happy to consider it: “With his former University of North Carolina teammate and close friend Michael Jordan recently becoming the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, Worthy says he has talked with Jordan about just such a possibility. ‘He’s really interested in helping some people I know,’ Worthy said of Jordan. ‘He’s talked to myself. He’s talked to (former UNC teammate) Sam Perkins. When he gets ready to hire, he has our numbers. And I’m sure he’ll call people that are interested. I’ll never say never. I’m still in Los Angeles primarily. But the more I get back here, I would entertain the thought.’ Since Worthy has recently done work for the Los Angeles Lakers’ television network shows, does that mean he’d like to do the same in Charlotte? ‘It wouldn’t be TV,’ said Worthy, who was in Gastonia promoting his foundation and other charities last Friday before the Lakers’ loss to the Bobcats. ‘It would be more front office-type stuff – player personnel, assistant GM (general manager), anything that he needs community-oriented. Michael’s busy, so he’s not going to get out as much. So those are the type of opportunities that he might offer up.”‘