Will Wilt Chamberlain Be Put on a Stamp?

According to the Philly Inquirer, the US Postal Service is considering putting Wilt the Stilt on a stamp, which would be awesome: “A Philadelphia-based campaign to get Wilt Chamberlain on a U.S. stamp has gotten to the right place. According to a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, the Chamberlain-on-postage idea definitely ‘is under consideration.’ That’s no small thing. A committee sends 20 to 25 suggestions each year to the postmaster general, from “thousands of suggestions annually,” said Roy Betts, manager of community relations for the Postal Service. According to Betts, stamp selections will be announced in August, but the committee, which meets four times a year, also is talking about possibilities for the next few years. A campaign started by Philadelphia Tribune sports editor Donald Hunt resulted in a steady steam of Wilt supporters, including NBA officials, contacting the Postal Service. Why hasn’t Wilt been on a stamp already? Turns out you have to be dead five years to be eligible. The Overbrook High great, considered by many to be the greatest basketball talent in the game’s history, died in 1999.”

(H/T: BDL)