Wilson Chandler Caught A Big Ass Fish

by August 22, 2016

There’s a small community of NBA players who spend a portion of their offseason fishing–in fact, we did a whole story in SLAM 200 about Jared Jeffries’ love of the aquatic sport. Over the weekend, Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler hooked a monster fish while on a boat off the coast of Jupiter, Florida.

Chandler was partaking in a show for the BlacktipH YouTube channel when he caught a massive 300 pound Goliath Grouper fish.

“When I seen him, to be honest I thought he’d be even bigger,” Chandler told CBSSports.com. “But it was still a monster.”

“It literally had me off my feet for a few seconds. I knew he was a monster before I could even see it.”

Luckily for us, the escapade was captured on social media: