Wilson Chandler to Re-Join Denver Nuggets in March?

by January 13, 2012

Wilson Chandler’s basketball adventure in China will come to an end in a couple of months, and according to Hoopsworld, there’s a good chance that Chandler will find himself in Nuggets baby blue once again: “Over the next two months, many of the players who signed overseas without an opt-out clause will be released from their teams and given a letter of clearance to return to the NBA. This includes players such as Wilson Chandler, J.R. Smith, Kenyon Martin, Aaron Brooks, Patty Mills and Sonny Weems among others. International teams are refusing to release players until their season comes to an end. In Martin’s case, he was cut by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers and sent back to the United States, but he’s still banned from signing with an NBA team until Xinjiang’s season is over. The Chinese Basketball Association’s regular season ends on February 15 and the postseason ends on March 28. Players will be given permission to sign during that period, depending on when their team is eliminated. NBA executives are already reaching out to the overseas players and expressing interest. Chandler, who will be a restricted free agent when he returns from China, will weigh his options but there’s a strong possibility that he ends up re-signing with the Denver Nuggets. General manager Masai Ujiri wants to bring back Chandler after trading for him last February. Chandler’s agent, Chris Luchey, confirmed that the two sides have been in contact frequently throughout this process. ‘We speak to Masai quite often, in great detail about the future of the team and about a potential extension with them,’ Luchey said. ‘One day at a time is all we’re doing.'”