Win a pair of LeBron’s Nike Zoom Soldier IIs!

by August 22, 2008

We proudly debuted the new issue of KICKS Magazine last week on the site, and to help celebrate its release, our friends at Sneaker Auction have teamed with us to give away six pairs of the Zoom Soldier II, and while three are gone, we’ve still got three to giveaway in this unique camo colorway.

To win you need to write about how you’ve seen LeBron show passion for the game. Please write your thoughts on LeBron’s passion in the comments section and include your shoe size. We got three winners from last week’s contest, all of whom have been mailed their shoes, but a lot more than three good entries. Hopefully this version of the shoe gets us some new people participating, but if you feel like what you wrote last week was good, feel free to cut-and-paste your previous entry and do it again. Remember to include your shoe size after telling us how LeBron shows his passion for the game. When this post is no longer on the homepage you can find it (and all our other generous giveaways) in the Slamonline contest archive. This contest was originally going to end Monday, August 25th, but since it took us awhile to get this one up it is extended until Thursday, August 28th. So get your mini-essays written and make some room in your closet…one last note, the brown strap in the image is not on the shoe; it’s from a previous photoshoot.

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