Win tickets to Game 2!

by June 03, 2009

by Ben Osborne

Our good friends at adidas—who have had a pretty nice postseason with Derrick Rose’s coming-out party and Dwight’s establishment as the game’s top big man (both celebrated in the FreeDarko video Lang linked to a couple weeks ago)—have come to us with an amazing offer: two tickets to Game 2 of the Finals in L.A.

This contest is open to anyone who wants to enter via our comment section. Here’s what you have to do: write a 100-word (MAX!; longer than that is instant elimination. Shorter than that is welcome.) piece about how you have used Brotherhood to support your favorite team. It’s open-ended, so be creative. Also, while I expect a bunch of Laker and Magic fans to enter for obvious reasons, this is the FINALS. Any hoop fan who can be in L.A. Sunday night should want to attend, and the team you want to write about supporting can be any of the League’s 30 franchises.

The sort of small print: the game starts at 5 PM PST at Staples Center. There is no assistance with travel to or from the game so you need to be able to get there. This contest will run til mid-afternoon Friday and then a winner will be selected and contacted by SLAM with further details. PLEASE make sure the email you sign in to comment with is a working one and that you have regular access to it (I’m consistently amazed at how many people take the time to enter our contests with an email address that either doesn’t work or they don’t read…you can’t win if we can’t contact you!).

Have fun with your entries (only one per person, please) below, come back late Friday to see who won, and be sure to follow The Brotherhood at


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