World Peace’s Dad Says Metta to Retire if Lakers Waive Him

by July 10, 2013

Should the Los Angeles Lakers pull the trigger on amnestying veteran forward Metta World Peace, a number of teams around the League may be interested in his services. According to Ron Artest Sr., however, he may just walk away from the game altogether. Per ZagsBlog: “‘You know what he told me?’ his father said by phone. ‘He told me, if the Lakers amnesty him he’s going to retire.’ […] Artest Sr. insists his son will hang it up if amnestied by the Lakers. ‘That’s what he say,’ he said. ‘If they give me amnesty I’m not going to play again. I’m going to retire.’ The Knicks need a small forward and could use the $1.4 million veteran’s minimum to bring the 33-year-old World Peace home. The Knicks famously skipped the St. John’s product in the 1999 NBA Draft in favor of Frederic Weis. ‘Ever since he was in high school and at St. John’s he wanted to play for the Knicks but the Knicks never went after him for some reason,’ his father said. Cardozo High School coach Ron Naclerio, who is close with World Peace, said he doesn’t think the player will retire if amnestied. ‘I don’t see Ron going down like that,’ Naclerio said. ‘He loves the games, he’s lived the game and I don’t see him walking away this way. ‘He can still help the right team. His role could make the difference for a lot of teams.'”