Yao is a conservationist

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, we had some technical difficulties this morning as you probably know already. I’m hoping that won’t happen again. Then again there is a rumored blackout about to hit NYC. I hope this is one of those rumors that don’t come true. You know, like 99% of NBA trades. People (me) are starting to freak out a little bit. Yesteday I screamed at someone at work for the first time since I started here. Hello Monique, welcome to SLAM. Sorry. Melissa, we’re still friends. Anyways, next week I’m taking my first week long vacation in… I guess since being in between jobs years ago.

Shark house

This is a post I started to put together last night, but deadspin had to go and put their Yao video when he takes a bullet for an elephant – which is incredible by the way.

So here is my sort of connected post.

And you thought Shark Week was just a Discovery Channel gimmick. Yao is a conservationist. No more shark fin soup for you. My respect for Yao is at all-time high.

Also Dale Davis was arrested in Miami. Possibly for trying to kill a shark.