Yao is a conservationist

by August 03, 2006

By Sam Rubenstein

Well, we had some technical difficulties this morning as you probably know already. I’m hoping that won’t happen again. Then again there is a rumored blackout about to hit NYC. I hope this is one of those rumors that don’t come true. You know, like 99% of NBA trades. People (me) are starting to freak out a little bit. Yesteday I screamed at someone at work for the first time since I started here. Hello Monique, welcome to SLAM. Sorry. Melissa, we’re still friends. Anyways, next week I’m taking my first week long vacation in… I guess since being in between jobs years ago.

Shark house

This is a post I started to put together last night, but deadspin had to go and put their Yao video when he takes a bullet for an elephant – which is incredible by the way.

So here is my sort of connected post.

And you thought Shark Week was just a Discovery Channel gimmick. Yao is a conservationist. No more shark fin soup for you. My respect for Yao is at all-time high.

Also Dale Davis was arrested in Miami. Possibly for trying to kill a shark.