Yao Ming Enters Chinese Politics

by January 16, 2012

Looking up to fill his retirement days, Yao Ming has gone back to school, hawked over-priced wine, and is now trying his luck within the political realm in his native land. Per China Daily: “On Sunday, Yao took his seat as a new member of the standing committee of Shanghai’s political advisory body during its annual session. ‘There are about 142 members in the group, and Yao is the youngest,’ said Kong Rong, who works in the service office of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Shanghai Committee. Yao is not the first Chinese sports star to become a Shanghai political adviser. Former Chinese female football star striker Sun Wen took up this job five years ago. ‘Yao said the new title shows trust coming from the people in the city. He had said before that once he decides to do something, he will try his best to accomplish it. So we can trust him that he can balance all aspects of his work and study, and do well in this job,’ said Yao’s spokesman Zhang Chi. But Zhang denied that Yao has any ambitions to have a ‘political career’. ‘The responsibilities for a CPPCC member include offering political consultation, and supervision. What Yao wants is to use his influence to do good deeds for society but not to seek a political position,’ Zhang said. Under the new title, Yao is supposed to attend regular meetings, make suggestions or raise written proposals for the advisory body and government departments.”