Yao Ming’s Gonna Be a Dad

by January 05, 2010

People in China are reportedly psyched by this news, assuming Yao’s offspring will grow to be another tall ballplayer: “The wife of NBA centre Yao Ming is expecting their first child, sending netizens into a frenzy of hope for a new generation to lead China’s basketball team in the future. ‘The news that Ye Li is pregnant is true. Yao Ming and his wife would like to thank all those who are showing concern,’ Yao’s China-based spokesman Zhang Chi said. He declined to give further information, citing ‘the need for a relaxed environment’ for China’s most famous basketballing couple to complete ‘the most important thing in their lives’ … Ever since the 2.29-metre (seven-foot-six-inch) Yao married his 1.90-metre wife in 2007, speculation has run rampant as to when their first baby would be born, popular Internet portal Sina.com said. As both Yao and his wife were born in the 1980s and are only children, the couple will be allowed to give birth to two children under China’s recently relaxed “one-child” family planning policy, the report said. ‘We hope that Yao Ming and Ye Li will go further and raise more pillars of the next generation of Chinese basketball,’ it said. In a Sina.com online poll, 76 percent of more than 29,000 people voting said that Yao’s child was likely to grow taller than 2.05 metres, while 33 percent said the baby would grow taller than 2.20 metres.”