You want a site update? You got it.

by August 30, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Is this thing on? Okay, here goes. So the site has been a little touch and go the past few days. We switched servers, and much like the last time we made a switch of this nature, things started exploding. Sometimes the homepage doesn’t load for ten minutes. Sometimes all of the thumbnailed version of photos, which are the images you see on the main page, disappear and you get the word “ARRAY” or the image name in its place. Sometimes you can’t leave comments. Sometimes all of the images are replaced by matrix text.

Yesterday Khalid asked me what was wrong. I told him that right now slamonline is like plutonium. It is the most dangerous element in the world, and should be handled with extreme caution.

So, we are treading lightly. Russ watched the FIBA game last night and wrote game notes, and we should have some other little items today if the whole thing doesn’t die a painful death. Pretty much everyone at the other magazines in our office have been out in Vegas at MAGIC, but today MAGIC comes to us when the good people from Playstation will be stopping by with a PS3 and NBA ’08. (And lunch!) Lang’s out of town, people are in a Labor Day weekend state of mind already, I’m leaving work early to go to the batting cage with a Yankee fan who wants to get a huge JOBA tattoo on his back… SUMMERTIME!!!

I have a few more site announcements as always.

1) The SLAM Myspace page is nearing its thousandth friend, and Sammy Newman-Beck came up with the idea of giving a special prize to whomever that thousandth friend is. Details on that to be sorted out.

2) Sign up for the newsletter on the homepage if you haven’t already.

Alright, I’m not pushing it by writing anymore. Good luck slamonline. Don’t give in to the demons.