Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins Cussed at Each Other Near Locker Rooms

by November 15, 2012

The beef started late in the game last night, as the Memphis Grizzlies handily beat the OKC Thunder. Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins’ trash-talking got both bigs ejected — in this clip you can clearly hear Z-Bo tell Perk that he will beat his ass — and they proceeded to cuss each other out once away from the court. Per the Oklahoman: “After the two players were separated, Perkins ran off the court in front of the Thunder bench and into a hallway, where he had another altercation with Randolph outside the postgame interview room next to the Thunder locker room. The players were separated by Oklahoma City police officers. People in the postgame interview area heard something being slammed against the door. Security members huddled briefly thereafter to discuss the matter, but no action was taken against either player. The team locker rooms are roughly 50 feet apart on opposite sides of the hallway. An agitated Perkins declined to comment afterward. In the Memphis locker room, Randolph calmly dismissed both incidents. What was said on the court to get you both ejected? Randolph: ‘Aw, I didn’t say nothin’. What happened in the hallway after that? Randolph: ‘It wasn’t nothin’. It was a good, tough, hard-fought game. It was competitive, just out there playing, two physical teams that want to win, a lot of emotions flying, so just part of basketball.’ Did you and Perkins settle your differences? Randolph: ‘Man, I play basketball. I don’t worry about all that. Perk’s all right. There’s a lot of bluffin’ going on the court, that’s all, you know. And I don’t bluff.'”