Allen Iverson Gives Emotional Speech After Iverson Classic 💯

by April 23, 2018

Allen Iverson gave a heartfelt speech to the top high school seniors who took part in the second annual Iverson Classic on Saturday.

Chuck said he was honored that the players would want to participate in his game and went on to drop knowledge. In true AI fashion, he stressed the importance of staying true to yourself.

“I want to come back being AI again. I want to do it again.

“I’m comfortable in my skin. All y’all dudes supposed to be like that.”

Iverson also warned the players about the naysayers who will try to break their spirit.

“It’s always going to be somebody out there trying to tear y’all down, tear your dreams down and doubt you.

“The devil is always around, just know that.”

Allen Iverson Talks NBA With Top High School Seniors