Anthony Bennett Jordan Brand Classic Diary

by April 13, 2012

While he spends the week in Charlotte preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Anthony Bennett shares his experience with SLAMonline! Check daily to read up on his preparation leading to Saturday’s game. For more on the game, including info on buying tickets, visit the game’s official website,

As told to Sean Brown / @SBrown_

What’s up, SLAM?

It’s been a busy last two days, but glad I can catch up with you guys. It’s been an honor to be selected to play in the Jordan Brand Classic. I’ve played with and against a lot of these guys before and everyone here is talented. I’m anxious for game day so I can get out there with everybody and just play my game. I’m just relaxing and trying to have fun out on the floor, because this is my last high school game. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my college choice and where I’ll be playing. I’m just taking my time with the decision but what’s really important to me is the relationship with the coach. I also talk to one player from each team and just ask about their experience at the school and with the team and coaching staff. It’s all about what school fits my style of play and game. When I finally make a decision, I know it will be the right one for me.

Practice today was great, more intense than yesterday. The first practice yesterday was pretty light, they just wanted us to get up and down a little bit. Today we all pushed ourselves and ended practice with some competitive shooting drills I shot the ball pretty well today too. There’s been a lot of skill drills today, and we worked a clinic with some local younger kids on dribbling and shooting this morning, which was fun.

I was asked who I thought my game was most like in the NBA. A lot of people tell me a young Elton Brand. I like to think I have a complete game as far as shooting, passing, rebounding and defense. I’d describe myself as a high motor guy and a hard worker before anything else.

The whole experience down here in Charlotte has been great. I’m going to go relax before our banquet tonight. Tomorrow is game day and we’re going to put on a show. Thanks for reading and make sure to watch the game and I’ll check back with you guys tomorrow!