Bol Bol Commits To Oregon

The No. 4 ranked player in the Class of 2018 made his college decision on Monday afternoon when Bol Bol, son of the late Manute Bol, announced his commitment to Oregon. The 7-1 senior chose the Ducks after also considering the Kentucky Wildcats. Bol announced his college decision via Twitter and linked to a story in The Player’s Tribune. For the Class of 2018, Oregon has also received commitments from top 25 recruit Louis King, top 40 recruit Will Richardson, and and top 60 recruit Miles Norris.

More from Bol’s piece in The Player’s Tribune:

I made my final decision to go to Oregon pretty recently. It was during a long car ride. I had made my official visit to Kentucky a few days before that. So I had a lot to think about. I was super stressed. Kentucky had been my dream school ever since I was a kid. I respect Coach Calipari a ton.


I had no idea what I was going to do. But then I calmed down and thought about it.


What team would be best for my unique game?


What school would provide opportunities around my sport that tapped into my passions?


And what school would give me the opportunity to reach the most people?


I thought about all that. And I thought a lot about my dad and what he might tell me right now. And when I broke it all down like that, I just knew.


So I’ll see you in Eugene. I bet they might even have a pair of LeBron 3s that finally fit me.


My dad, he would definitely smile at that.