Checking in on the SLAMonline NCAA bracket

by March 25, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

The first two rounds are in the rearview mirror. It’s time to check in and see how we’re doing. In another pool – our office pool of 31 people, Khalid Salaam currently resides in 31st place. I feel like I should mention that cause he’s the same guy talking about how the Phillies are going to the World Series. I like what he’s doing!

Then again I have Louisville in the championship game in that bracket. Sure they looked good in the first two rounds, but I really have no idea why I made that pick.

And so to the bracket standings some of you care about.

The Ghost of Victor Page is tied for first, but didn’t feel the need to pick a national champion, so good luck with that.

The other first place team is Squash All Beef, with Kansas as the national champion, which is the same thing as leaving it blank.
Most of the teams near the top have UCLA winning it all… but it’s early. CameronCrazy has all four Final Four teams still alive, and oddly enough only had Duke winning through last round.

D-Ro has all four #1 seeds in the Final Four. That won’t happen. The same goes for the team with my favorite name BlindasthenewGovofNY.

At a quick glance, it looks like Georgetown was the team that screwed over the most people. I am halfway down the list in 37th place but one of my championship game teams – Pittsburgh, is… no longer with us. And I had Clemson in the Final Four. So, I’ll be watching from the sidelines, good luck to everyone else.