Checking in on the SLAMonline NCAA bracket for the Final Four

by April 04, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

Why, hello there. It’s Friday afternoon. Tomorrow at 6 P.M. the Final Four begins, the battle of one seeds. You need someone to cheer for, so here’s how our standings break down.

Our leader is the subwayconnection, who has Kansas over UCLA.

In second we have DerrickRose=championship who went the exact opposite, with Memphis over UCLA.
Tar Heels! has UNC over UCLA.
The highest ranking UCLA to win the whole thing pick is BlindasthenewGovofNY, who may or may not be Ben Collins of blogmaverick fame. He’s got UNC in the other game.
And The Hollywood Horror is a dark horse to sneak in for the win if Kansas beats Memphis in the final.
Everyone else, thanks for playing. Those of you who kept things simple and took the popular teams as established by the all-powerful selection committee have done well.

I think that covers all the possibilities. This will probably come down to the last game, just like real life, the way it should be. Good luck! Have a great weekend.