Bob Knight calls it a career

by February 05, 2008

By Sam Rubenstein

As if their wasn’t enough big news today… It’s Super Tuesday, there is a parade for the greatest victory in the history of sports, Roger Clemens is about to snitch on himself, and now the legendary Bob Knight has decided that he’s had enough. Say what you will about the man, his bad behavior, rudeness, arrogance, etc. you can’t argue with the results. More wins than any college basketball coach ever.

Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers said Knight informed him that he was resigning during a meeting Monday morning.

“He just said it was time,” Myers said in a telephone interview. “He wanted to give Pat his chance. He’s given it his all. He said he didn’t have interest in coaching anymore.”

Knight’s son, Pat, will take over the program in West Texas where Bob Knight had toiled successfully but somewhat anonymously for the past seven seasons. Pat Knight was named the coach designate in 2005. The Red Raiders play at Baylor on Wednesday.

“My thinking was that for Pat and for this team — most of which is returning next year — the best thing for the long run for this team would be for Pat and his staff to coach these remaining 10 games,” Knight told The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, adding that his health was not a factor.

And why not, here’s an excerpt from the Lubbock Avalance-Journal itself. This is probably the only time we will ever reference it, no offense.

Before ending his 43-year career, Bob Knight addressed the team.

“It wasn’t this emotional deal or anything like that. He did it in typical Coach Knight fashion, he was coaching them right up until he walked out the door,” assistant coach Chris Beard said. “He was very positive. He told them it had nothing to do with them or any losses or anything like that. He told them what he was doing, then immediately started talking about how we could beat Baylor and how we could continue to improve and how good we could be next year.”

Pat Knight slowly has been groomed for this day since Tech athletic director Gerald Myers announced three years ago that he would some day take the reins. He has been more hands-on with recruiting, with running practices and with conducting interviews.

Enjoy the nice and peaceful ride into the sunset Coach Knight (I call him Coach, cause he’s known to put hands on a disrespectful younger man like myself). The General has been a major influence in the lives of such SLAM favorites as Isiah Thomas and Mike Krzyzewski.

Now get away from the computer and go vote. It’s what Coach Knight would want you to do.

Photo courtesy of Rodolfo Gonzalez/Associated Press