Enter SLAMonline March Madness!

by March 16, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

You probably thought we forgot to create the SLAMonline NCAA Tourney group this year. The truth be told: We did. If it wasn’t for a chat from Holly this proud, three-year tradition would have gone kaput. After strolling to my desk in a semi-allergic daze this morning, I opened my GTalk and our conversation went something like this:

Holly: Hey Ryne, are we doing the SLAM bracket challenge this year like we did last year?
Ryne: Um… What Bracket challenge?

My incompetence didn’t stop there, however, as I created three different Yahoo!!!! Pick ‘Em groups before learning I couldn’t include a “>” in the group’s description. Born out of this confusion, I finally present you with the ’09 SLAMonline Tourney Time! group for yee brave souls to join. I completed a bracket in exactly 1:24 minutes that I’m sure could compare with the best of ’em. Don’t think so? Sign-up and prove me wrong.

The Group is entirely public, so feel free to invite friends, family, enemies, basically any basketball fan you know… and let’s get going on this stange mix of knowlege and luck!