Jrue Holiday’s Defense And Effort

by February 06, 2009

Words by Justin Walsh

Jrue Holiday is the epitome of calculating, annoying composure. He has outstanding defensive chops, a solid jump shot, deft handles, picture perfect court vision and versatility out the wazzoo. He annoyed the L.A. Times with the extent of his composure, in fact. In a feature Jan. 11, they asked him to show more emotion.

Composure is just his bedrock. Why the hate on his emotion, or lack thereof? He *never* gives up on a play, always locks down on defense, and even when he plays poorly, he doesn’t let it get to him. Oregon State Coach Craig Robinson (and Brother-in-law of Barack Obama) kept hoping he would make a mistake. “We were hoping we could force him into making some mistakes and we weren’t capable of doing that.” Craig said.

In a recent game against USC, Demar DeRozan scored at will throughout the game with different players guarding him. With a minute left in the second half, Ben Howland called Jrue Holiday’s name to play defense on the Trojan. Jrue locked down. Demar tried to cross, nothing happened. He tried to drive, no go. He even faced up for a jump shot—alas, no good. Jrue Holiday assured UCLA a close 64-60 victory by locking down one of the most athletic guards in the country.

He did so with a straight face. Jrue Holiday may not get as much attention as he deserves in the media, but basketball sure respects his game. Sit back and enjoy a mix dedicated to the composure, the hustle, and the defense of Jrue Holiday.