Metta World Peace Was Offered $35,000 To Fix Games In College

by May 17, 2018

Metta World Peace isn’t a fan of the Supreme Court ruling that ended the ban on sports betting in most states. World Peace, who played a year at Saint John’s, told Yahoo! Sports that he was asked offered to throw games for as much as $35,000 while in college.

World Peace turned the money down, but he said rampant sports betting could put other young stars in a tough predicament:

“That’s the problem. When you don’t have no money, they find these kids that ain’t got no money, and they attack them,” he said. “What if I was some kid that was a little scared? ‘OK, I’ll do it,’ right? That’s the problem I have with betting, because these guys that are betting…some of them are bullies, and they’ll force a kid into a situation, and then, when the kid’s trying to go the NBA, they hold it against the kid. They gotta have really harsh rules on people using kids.”