NCAA Suspends UConn Transfer Rodney Purvis for Playing Too Much

By now, we all know that the NCAA loves to suspend its student-athletes for all kinds of head-scratching reasons. And with the season right on the verge of officially tipping off, it’s that time of the year where kids get notified that they’re getting suspended for living life. Or in the case of UConn transfer Rodney Purvis, for playing too much basketball during the summer. Apparently, the All-American point guard, who transferred from NC State last year, played too much basketball during the offseason, in accordance to NCAA regulations, and will have to sit out the season-opener on Friday.

More from the CBS Sports:

Rodney Purvis had to sit out the 2013-14 season after transferring to UConn from N.C. State.


The 2014-15 season begins on Friday night, but Purvis will have to wait one more game before he is finally allowed to suit up for the Huskies. The NCAA has ruled that Purvis is to be suspended for Friday night’s opener against Bryant because the redshirt sophomore played in more than one summer league.


He’s missing time during the college basketball season because he, you know, played basketball during the offseason.


According to a statement from the school, they worked with the NCAA to determine that Purvis played in one game in a second league, which is why he’s being hit with the one game penalty.