North Carolina Still No. 1 in AP Top 25 Poll

by November 17, 2015

Since there weren’t any major upsets in the top five during college basketball’s opening weekend, the second Associated Press Top 25 poll of the year looks awfully similar to the first.

North Carolina is still the top team in America, with Kentucky, Maryland, Kansas and Duke rounding out the rest of the top five.ย Along with the Tar Heels, Wildcats, Terrapins and Jayhawks, Virginia was the only other team to receive a first-place vote (the poll came out before the Cavaliers fell to George Washington on Monday night).

As for the rest of the poll, the only team that fell from the rankings was Wisconsin, which was the No. 17 team in America but fell to Western Illinois in its season-opener.

Here’s the entire poll, via ESPN:

1. North Carolina (37 first-place votes)

2. Kentucky (8)

3. Maryland (14)

4. Kansas (5)

5. Duke

6. Virginia (1)

7. Iowa State

8. Oklahoma

9. Wichita State

10. Gonzaga

11. Villanova

12. Arizona

13. Michigan State

14. Indiana

15. California

16. Utah

17. Vanderbilt

18. Notre Dame

19. Connecticut

20. Baylor

21. Purdue

22. Butler

23. LSU

24. Michigan

25. Oregon