Otto Porter Jordan Brand Classic Diary 2

by April 14, 2011

While he spends the week in Charlotte preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Otto Porter shares his experience with SLAMonline! Check daily to read up on his preparation leading to Saturday’s game. For more on the game, including buying tickets, visit the game’s official website,

As told to Sean Brown

What’s up SLAMonline?

Today has been really busy, but in a good way. We had practice this morning and had a chance to get up and down the court for the first time. It’s great to be surrounded by so many other talented players, it pushes you to be that much better every time you step on the court.

I shot pretty well and felt good out there so I’m just that much more excited for Saturday night. We have another practice tomorrow so that’s another chance to improve individually and as a team.

That’s one of the main reasons I committed to Georgetown because I can see myself really improving as a player under that coaching staff with other great players. I want to get better any chance I can get in every area of my game and I know that will happen there.

After practice, we got to go to a racing garage right outside of Charlotte and meet Denny Hamlin, who is a race car driver and a Jordan athlete too. We got a chance to see a pit stop and see how fast those guys work during races with cars flying by, it was really cool.

Right now I’m just relaxing and looking forward to the rest of the week. We’re going bowling tonight so that should be fun and I’m going to rest up after.

I’m pretty excited about the NBA Playoffs coming up too. I want to see the Miami Heat play the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. Kevin Durant is my favorite player, I would definitely like to learn from him and pattern some of my game after his. He scores easier than anyone and has a great work ethic.

I also just joined Twitter so everyone make sure to follow me! It’s @OttoPorter22. I’ll be tweeting this week during the Jordan Brand Classic.

Time to bowl, I’ll check back in tomorrow!!