Quincy Miller: Diary No. 4

by January 03, 2011

January 3, 2011

by Quincy Miller / @qmillertime

Of course I didn’t think I was gonna get hurt. You never do.

This was back in December. We were playing against our arch rival, High Point Christian. We were on the break, and I was doing an in-and-out move, and this kid kind of ran past me. I think his shoulder hit my knee — I know that sounds funny, but he was little, and he was trying to go for the ball — and my knee, like, popped. It really didn’t hurt that bad right away, and I actually stayed in the game for a while.

Then I came out. I couldn’t go anymore.

I tried to sleep on it that night, but we went to the hospital the next night and did an MRI, and they knew right away. Obviously, it’s pretty serious — I don’t even want to say what the injury is, but I’m out four months before I can jog and shoot around, and six to seven months before I can play five on five, so you can probably figure it out.

Anyway, I had surgery a few days after that. It was my first real surgery, and I had to spend a night in the hospital so they could keep me on this machine that keeps your knee moving all night. The surgery was on a Tuesday, and by Thursday they had me in rehab. I’m doing that an hour, hour and a half every day. People ask me what it’s like — is it hard? Is it boring? Is it painful? I’m like, it’s all those things: hard, boring and painful.

Obviously I’m disappointed, but I’m not depressed or anything. I think I’m ready to take on the challenge and come back. In a way, it’s kind of better for me to sit out before college, so I can work on my upper body strength. I believe I’m gonna come back stronger and better.

I’m still going to our games. I’m on the bench in a jogging suit, because I’ve got a knee brace and can’t fit any other pants over it. It’s definitely weird, but at the same time, I’m just trying to cheer my team on. It helps that Deuce is out there. Deuco Bello is like my brother, so I think it’s a little easier for me to see him out there, and I can kind of help him from the bench.

I still go to practice sometimes, too, but otherwise I have a lot more free time than I’m used to. I’m trying to spend more time on school work, and other than that, I’m just chillin’. I’ve had an Xbox for a while but never really played it, so I might be on there a little more, too.

Anyway, stick with me and I’ll let you know how it’s going.


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