Patrick Patterson is a Wildcat. Finally.

Understand, Kentucky fans, this happened in spite of you, not because of you.

I don’t mean all Kentucky fans, or even most of you, just the short-bus riders who posted on the Patrick Patterson diary pages we ran to preview the Jordan All-American Classic a few weeks back. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt to Wildcat nation in general and assume that most of you are decent, rational folks, not the sort of bed-wetting, life-lacking tools who polluted our website last month. But to those of you who are, and who did, well, this is more than you deserve.

I recently spoke to Pat for a piece in the next issue of SLAM, and he reminded me how a bunch of you — and I have no doubt it was some of the same intellectual midgets who graced our pages — had drooled all over his Myspage page last year. He said this made him laugh, and I’m sure it did, though one could argue that such blatant stupidity, which could’ve brought NCAA sanctions, might not in fact have been funny. Fortunately for you, there are idiot fans at Florida and Duke, too, so your existence was mostly negated. And no, if you’re wondering, I’m not a fan of a rival school: I went to Penn State, so there is no rivalry. (Although I do feel compelled to note that, the last time we did play you, at your place, we ended your 20-game home winning streak. Sorry about that.)

Anyway, props to Pat for wading through all the crap and making his pick, and to Billy Gillispie, who appears not to be a bad recruiter. And props to the majority of UK fans who will, I trust, root for this kid to succeed and wish him well when he’s ready to leave. To the rest, I welcome your comments. But please, as always, make sure your chin straps are buckled and your drool cups are in place before you get back in front of your PC. Go Big Blue!