Shareef O’Neal to Undergo Heart Surgery, Sit Out Freshman Year at UCLA ♥️

Shareef O’Neal announced on his Instagram account that he has a heart condition he and his family previously didn’t know about. Playing basketball could’ve put O’Neal at a serious risk, but he says surgery will allow him to return to the court next season.

Recently I found out I had a serious heart issue … I am very blessed to be here living today, one of those moments on the court could’ve been my last breathe .. I will not be able to participate in sports this year but I will be back in no time … I want to thank god for looking out for me , I want to thank UCLA , my teammates and most importantly my family … this is just a small bump on the road and I gotta push through it .. I am very down about not being able to do sport I love .. I really wanted this year I felt like I was at my best but this is just a minor setback.. my health is most important over everything .. like I said .. I WILL BE BACK.. thank you ❤️❤️

Sending major blessings to ‘Reef and the O’Neal family. The comeback is about to be crazy.

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