Terrence Jones Jordan Brand Classic Diary

by April 17, 2010

While he spends the week in New York City preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Terrence Jones shares his experience with SLAMonline! Check daily to read up on his preparation leading to Saturday’s game. For more on the game, including buying tickets, visit the game’s official website, www.JordanBrandClassic.com. For Terrence’s first diary, click here.

As told to Sean Brown  Photo by Sam Forencich/USA Basketball

What’s up, SLAM?

Today I had another busy morning. We started off with the NBA Lifestyles event. They talked about making good decisions outside of basketball and being a positive role model. It’s very important to me to do the right thing off the court and represent myself not only as a good player but person.

Right after the NBA event we went to Brooklyn to do some community outreach to high school kids. It was nice to interact with the students and represent the Jordan game. That community service was a lot of fun and meant a lot to not just me but the students, which is important.

Today was another good practice with the team. We arrived a little late because of the events this morning so practice was shorter than yesterday. Even with a short practice we still got some good shots up and ran through some sets for the game. Like I said yesterday, a lot of us have played together before so we’re just looking forward to the real thing tomorrow night in the Garden.60126907

I’m more excited today than I was yesterday. I’m feeling confident about tomorrow after the way we looked at practice.

We had some more events tonight like the autograph session and then an awards dinner, which was fun. I’m ready to get some rest for shoot around and the game tomorrow, it’s going to be a great game.

Almost game day, I’ll check back with you guys!