Terrence Jones Jordan Brand Classic Diary

by April 15, 2010

While he spends the week in New York City preparing for the Jordan Brand Classic, Terrence Jones shares his experience with SLAMonline! Check daily to read up on his preparation leading to Saturday’s game. For more on the game, including buying tickets, visit the game’s official website, www.JordanBrandClassic.com.

As told to Sean Brown  Photo by Leah Nash

What’s up, SLAM?

My Thursday started off pretty early, we had a history lesson on the Jordan Brand Classic and some of the players that have been apart of it. This Classic has a history of so many great players in it, I’m excited to be in that class of guys now.tjonesdiary1

I haven’t gotten to see much of New York City but I like it. This is my second time here, the first time was for the Elite 24 game. I’m anxious to play in Madison Square Garden on Saturday. There’s no place like that, I know the energy is going get us all going early.

This afternoon was our first practice and it went really well. We had some tough drills and coach pushed us, I think our West team will be prepared on Saturday because of it. A lot of us have played together so much in other tournaments we know each other’s games and it makes good team chemistry. I have some close friends on this team too like Tobias Harris.

You don’t go into a game nervous when you’ve played together and know the guys.

I was able to get my shot going today too when we got up and down with the guys in some drills. It felt good to start practice and run.

I’m still undecided on a college and I’m still just weighing my options. The location doesn’t really matter I’m just looking for the best situation for me to come into. We have the SLAM dinner later today and then we’re going bowling so that should be fun. After that I’m just going try to rest up for another good practice tomorrow and some events we have going. Hopefully I get to see some more of the city.

Tomorrow is the day before the game so it might be even busier. I’ll have a lot to talk about I’m sure. I’ll check back with you guys!