Texas Lands Top-5 Recruit Mohamed Bamba

Coming into Thursday morning, Mohamed Bamba was the only remaining top-10 prospect to not have chosen a college yet. He had cut his list of suitors to Kentucky, Duke, Michigan and Texas, with no heads up as to when a decision was to come. But today, in what completely shocked many in the recruiting world, the 6-11 big announced his commitment to Texas via an essay in The Player’s Tribune.

“Coach Smart may not have been aware of it, but I put him through a weeklong job interview last summer when he coached me on Team USA in Valdivia, Chile,” said Bamba. “We instantly formed a bond. Now, the tables have turned, and I’m the one interviewing with him, hoping to show I can play a major role in his team’s success next season. His attention to detail is truly unbelievable — I can’t tell you how many times he picked up on something I mentioned in passing and brought it back full circle several months later. I’ve seen firsthand how much he genuinely cares about me and my family and how he’s going to challenge me to be in a state of continuous improvement.”