The growth continues

by August 27, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

Team USA seems to be living up to its end of the bargain so far. We now turn our attention to this past Friday’s Boost Mobile Elite 24 Classic. There was a SLAM contingent up at Rucker Park to watch some of the best High School players go at it. Aggrey Sam will have the official write-up of the night later on.

For now, I promised a few other people I’d link to their recaps of the game. Tony Williams, a.k.a. T-Bone wrote one for, and everybody’s favorite lawyer Dr. Jackie Chiles at The Airing of Grievances has another.

I would now like to take this time to announce another SLAMonline addition. The days of Jon Wiener and Ben Collins in the office have come to an end, but we continue to grow. We’re in ongoing talks with others, but I would like to formally welcome Holly MacKenzie to She will be learning the sweet science of comment moderation, and will be a big part of regular season game recapping, among other things. Welcome her!

Congrats to Dalton Carriker and the Georgia Little Leaguers for winning the World Series yesterday in dramatic fashion. They are the only baseball team from Georgia that’s winning anything this year. Where’s your guitar now Lang? Seven games back, that’s where it is. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

On a personal note, I was in Philly over the weekend staying at a friend’s house, whose boyfriend is a FREEMASON. Illuminati for my mind, soul, and my body indeed. And now it feels like The Watcher is the one being watched. Yes Holly, you have this type of insanity to look forward to.