Hold That Tiger

by November 18, 2008

When you see the new issue of SLAM in the next week or two, you might notice our Basketball Diary writer, Xavier Henry, saying he’d decided to put off his college decision until the spring.

Today, we are reminded that A) magazines take too long to go to print, and B) 18-year-old kids are allowed to change their minds.

This morning, on the second-to-last day of the early signing period, Xavier announced that he’ll be spending next season at Memphis. I just got off the phone with Xavier (who had just gotten off the phone with John Calipari) to confirm the news, and his motivation: The chance to spend a year with his older brother CJ, a Tigers freshman-to-be, was too good to pass up. Needless to say, Xavier — who, you may remember, has had a hell of a month — is feeling good about having this off his chest, and seems to be recovering pretty well from his car crash. You can read more about THAT in the next issue.

Anyway, we’re happy for the kid… but probably not as happy as Memphis fans are.