5-5-5 With No. 5

by Rachelle Jean-Louis / @RJL24

To call North Carolina sophomore PG Kendall Marshall a shoe fan would be a complete understatement. The sneakerhead’s dorm room, decked out with an entire wall full of kicks, speaks for itself. With the upcoming season 73 days away, Marshall began his first week of classes by introducing members of his “Foam Family.”

Nicknamed “Butter” for his poise and smooth skills that allowed him to lead the ACC in assists as a freshman (averaging 6.2 per game), the point guard is no stranger to shoe introductions. The Dumfries, VA native often converses with fans and fellow students on Twitter, starting trending topics for sharing pictures of shoe collections like #TodaysKicks.

“From now on kick game we got #MaxMonday (air max) #TaylorTuesday (chucks) #FoamFriday (foamposites),” Marshall recently tweeted.

SLAMonline caught up with the newly turned 20-year-old to get a glimpse of his collection as he dished on three of his top-five lists, greatest shoes ever made and pairs he’s afraid to wear.

SLAM: You announced on Twitter that you were going to introduce your Foam Family. Tell us more about which ones you picked.

Kendall Marshall: The Foamposites—I figured it would be a good way to talk to my fans and stuff. It’s something I enjoy, talking about shoes, so it’s a way I can relate to them and talk to them. Basically the whole first week of school I just wore Foamposites. Both Ones and Pros.

SLAM: Did you start Monday or Tuesday when classes started?

KM: I started on Tuesday. I have five pairs of them, but I’m only gonna wear four this week. I’m scared to wear one pair, so I haven’t worn them yet—my royal blue ones. I’m scared to wear them ‘cause of the gum soles.

SLAM: Are those your favorite pair so far?

KM: Yeah, I’d probably say these are my grails.

SLAM: List them from Tuesday on.

KM: Tuesday I started with the House of Hoops Edition Foamposite Ones—the black ones with the green soles. Wednesday, which was Day 2—I wore the pearl Foams. Today (Thursday) I wore the electric green Foams and I guess I’ll finish up the week with my freshwater Retro Foams. I’ve only worn these once too. I’m kinda scared to wear them, but since I had to choose between these and the blue ones, I’ll finish up the week with these.

SLAM: What are your five favorite pairs of kicks that you own?

KM: Definitely my royal Foamposite Ones, the ones I haven’t worn yet. My Jordan XIII Playoffs. Maybe my Wolf Grey Vs. I don’t know, it’s hard! God, asking difficult questions [laughs]! Umm, my [Nike Air] Griffey’s Freshwater/Black. These are another pair I’m scared to wear. My Jordan Retro VII Bordeaux’s, it’s like a black and grey.

SLAM: Thoughts on the new Jordan 8.0s?

KM: I’m kinda excited about the black ones of those. They have a black pair. I’m not really a fan of the second series—2.0s and stuff—‘cause I feel like they’re ruining the Retro pairs of Jordans, but I kinda like the 8.0s.

SLAM: Do you remember the first pair of Js you ever got? Or your favorite pair of kicks growing up?

KM: Not my first pair, but my favorite was the Air Garnett 3s.

SLAM: List your five top PEs and signature shoes.

KM: Ray Allen I think has the best player editions. Jordan was 1, Penny was 2, Barkley 3, Iverson 4, Ray Allen 5.

SLAM: List 5 pairs you want to add to your collection, including limited editions and upcoming releases.

KM: Definitely the Concord Jordan XIs, those in black and white. The Retro Jordan XVIs, navy blue and white. Those are one of my favorite shoes of all time. The pewter Foamposite Ones. The Quai 54 Jordan Retro Vs.

SLAM: Those sell for $400 or so now.

KM: Exactly why I don’t have them! But yeah, there are so many shoes. I’m a big fan of Huaraches too, so maybe the Green Hornet Huaraches. I like wearing shoes that bring attention [laughs]. Other than that I keep it simple, but when it comes to sneakers I like to step up.

SLAM: I’m guessing you’re hoping to get a PE?

KM: I’m not big on designing. I’m not creative at all, but one day I hope to be on Team Jordan and get some player edition Jordans.

SLAM: Do you have a favorite “family” of sneakers, like Foams or Js?

KM: Retro Jordans have a special place in my heart just ‘cause they’re Jordans. Greatest shoes ever made.