adidas Basketball x Marvel Avengers Collection (KICKS)

by June 11, 2015

On July 4, adidas is dropping the limited edition Avengers basketball shoe collection, in partnership with Marvel Studios. Each sneaker will come with the Avengers logo on the tongue and a $125 price tag via


More details on each model and accompanying Marvel colorway:

adidas Crazy 97 “Captain America”

Displaying the hero’s signature red and white stripes with adidas’ three, this Crazy 97 blends a bold, blue design that calls on American tradition. The model features a metallic finish to reflect the Captain’s shield, which is also incorporated as a color shifting emblem on the sneaker’s upper.

adidas T-Mac 1 “Hulk”

This T-Mac 1 boasts the Hulk’s radioactive glow and iconic purple pants as the embossed metallic pattern upper embodies his chiseled features. The Hulk Smash emblem sits atop the heel with finished Hulk green branding and a matching purple toe.

adidas Top Ten 2000 “Iron Man”

This Top Ten 2000 features an all red metallic upper and gold midsole representative of Iron Man’s body armor. An iced outsole plays to the hero’s propulsion thrusters, while the circular emblem on the heel symbolizes the arc reactor in Iron Man’s chest.

adidas Real Deal “Thor”

The reflective upper features lightning bolt flashes to represent Thor’s hammer, keeping this edition of the Real Deal true to the Avenger’s godly prowess. Gold hits at the end of the iconic three stripes reflect Thor’s chest plate and tinted grey outsoles represent his armor.

Shouts out to Age of Ultron.