adidas Nations Contest

Like Russ mentions in his new KICKS post about Derrick Rose and his lack of a signature shoe, adidas is focusing more on team than individual. To that end, much of the teaching at the adidas Nations event DeMarco ably covered for us (“Parts” 1 and 2) is focused on educating players and returning the game to a team-centric sport.

So, with a huge thanks to adidas for providing an amazing bag of gear (really, everything you’d need: shorts, pants, socks, tee-shirt, tank top, etc, all in a sweet duffel bag) and a pair of the official Nations Commander LT shoes you see at right, here’s the question you need to answer to win the prize:nationsshoe

What TEAM from the past was your favorite and why (could be any level of basketball, though we’re guessing NBA teams will be easier to judge)?

Put your answers in the comments section, and please keep them brief (approx 100 words max.) and include your shoe size. SLAM staffers will review the entries and pick a winner this week, so also be sure to log into SLAMonline with a working email address so that when said winner is chosen, they will be reachable.