adidas Nations Sneaks Available Today

Nations TS Commander LTby Chris O’Leary

You might not be one of the players at the adidas Nations’ tournament, but you can wear the shoes that the top under-18 players in the world will be wearing at next week’s tourney in Dallas. Adidas has made 200 pairs of the Nations’ gold colorway of their TS Commander LT (the same style of shoe that Dwight Howard wore in the Finals) available to the public at This version of the shoe is selling for $125, while the official release version of the shoe, which hits stores in October, will go for $100 and will be tailored to the feet of Howard, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.

Eastbay will also broadcast the tournament on the same site. More on the shoe from the stripes:

“The silhouette is an exclusive colorway designed to celebrate the collective talents of international players attending the premier basketball camp. Superior cushioning, perforated ventilation throughout the upper and a new “fat stripes” design concept, which provides enhanced mid-foot support and stability, are key call-out features. This is the first time an exclusive shoe has been designed for adidas Nations, which launched in 2007.”