Wanna Jump Higher?

by February 10, 2011

Could you use a couple inches on your vertical leap? Trying to become a better shot blocker? Can you almost dunk, but just need a little help? We’ve got you covered.

This All-Star Weekend, Athletic Propulsion Labs will be releasing a new red colorway of their Concept 1s, pictured below, and SLAM is giving away a pair. The rules are simple: You think you deserve ’em? Tell us why! Just drop a comment below explaining why you could use a few extra inches on your vertical leap, and APL will send the commenter with the best reason a pair of the jump-enhancing kicks, in your size. The sneakers say BANNED across the insoleā€”and you should know whyā€”and will only be released in very limited quantities. These retail at $300, so getting a pair for free should be pretty enticing.

So why do you need to jump higher? Check the pics of the kicks below, and comment away with your best answers. Good luck!


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