Under Armour Curry 5 Officially Introduced

by March 14, 2018
Under Armour Curry 5

When Stephen Curry debuted the Under Armour Curry 4 during the 2017 NBA Finals, it caught the entire basketball world by surprise. Its sleek, minimal design proved to Curry’s best sneaker yet. And it helped Kort Neumann, the 4’s lead designer, establish a new design language for the two-time MVP’s sneaker line.

That new direction has extended to the Under Armour Curry 5. The 5 continues to reshape Curry’s design by drawing inspiration from the Pi equation and “squaring the circle.” Here’s more straight from Under Armour:

“Squaring the circle” is a design inspiration that functionally and aesthetically frames the upper of the Curry 5, with a circular construction built through the framing of the 90-degree angle of the foot.

Containment areas in the forefoot lateral wall and the heel lock in the foot, enabling Stephen to play his game on his toes, where he can use ground contact and traction to kick-start his game a split second ahead of the opposition.

The Pi theme is echoed throughout the shoe design for this specific Black/Metallic Iron colorway; the symbol is featured in the knit of the shoe, numbers of Pi can be found on the sole, 3.14.18 is printed on the lace aglets, and the Pi number sequence is scripted on an exclusively designed shoe box.

In celebration of Steph’s 30th birthday, which coincides with Pi Day, 314 pairs of the “Pi” Under Armour Curry 5 are available at SC30-v5.com. Stay tuned for more from the Curry 5.

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