BB4, In The MF’ing House (Of Hoops)

by March 31, 2009

by Chris O’Leary

Great news this morning from Footlocker, who’s announcing that the BB4, the shoe that Vince Carter made famous, will be retroed as a House of Hoops exclusive on April 18.

Nike Shox BB4 retro

A little Sole Searching fun-fact: when these shoes originally dropped in 2000, I picked up the white/black patent models for a whopping 250 Cdn bucks. And I went half a size up, based solely on the fear that if I didn’t buy the shoes right then and there at that moment, they’d pass me by. It’d be the white/concord Jordan XI all over again. Six months later I saw the shoes on sale for under $150. Broke. My. Heart.

You know the significance of this shoe, and so does Fred Weiss.

The original boing dunk got me thinking about some of the great ads that the Swoosh put together for VC and the BB4 back in the day. Check those out here.

And just for good measure, this VC Hooptown ad that I’d somehow never seen: