Bolt’s Line Goes Out “To Di World”

by June 15, 2010

by Chris O’Leary/@olearychris

The fastest man on the planet now has his own clothing line. Usain Bolt has worked closely with PUMA in the creation of the Bolt Collection, which was recently launched at Macy’s, Paragon, Michael K. and at select PUMA stores and

A release from PUMA breaks down the details on the collaborative efforts from the brand and the athlete to personalize Bolt’s athletic training line.

“The fashion-forward Bolt line meshes PUMA’s distinct approach to sportswear with Bolt’s signature style, favorite bold colors (purple, black, and gold), and preferred silhouettes.  Sure not to skimp on performance, PUMA’s design teams worked closely with Bolt during the product development phase and gave him an opportunity to weartest the products to ensure they met his rigorous standards.  The world-class athlete designed the collection to withstand a hardcore workout while still capturing his undeniable street style.

The cornerstone of the collection is the Bolt Crest, which blends his sport, style, and culture.  The crest includes a lightning bolt, the symbol for his more than appropriate nickname, and lions’ heads, iconic in Jamaican culture.  The name of Bolt’s famous “To Di World” pose stands out against his second home, the track, and the sun, which is synonymous with Jamaica.”

The pic below breaks down the end results. A hooded sweat jacket with built in compartments for your mp3 player and earphones; the LS top, with Bolt’s “To Di World” pose on it and the PUMA Bolt YugoRun.

Bolt PUMA gear
The shoe is inspired by the track spike Bolt wore in the 2009 World Championships in Berlin. It has a mesh upper, designed for breathability and being lightweight and has extra cushioning and flexibility, while being crafted towards Bolt’s tastes.

And just to tie this into hoops somehow, remember that while Bolt doesn’t exactly ooze game on the court, his athleticism should at least warrant some props.