Eastbay Is Re-Stocking 48 Air Jordans Tuesday Morning

Attention, sneakerheads: Christmas is no longer in December. It’s on Tuesday, July 22.

Okay, maybe it’s not that serious, but any time Eastbay re-stocks 48 pairs of Air Jordans, you can be the Internet will be going nuts at 8 a.m. EST tomorrow morning, when the re-stock opens.

Of the near-50 pairs back in stock, there’s just about everything you could want, from 5LAB3s to Jordan Is to Jordan Futures and everything in between. Check out the selection below, and bookmark Eastbay here for tomorrow morning. Then, set your alarm clock.

eastbay restock 1 eastbay restock 2 eastbay restock 3 eastbay restock 4