Ektio x Dick’s Sporting Goods Partner to Eliminate Ankle Sprains

Some news, from our friends at Ektio and Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Ektio, the leader in innovation in the prevention of ankle sprains on the basketball court, today announced a partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Alexio, Ektio’s newest basketball shoe, is now available for sale at DICKS.com.


The technology behind Ektio was developed by a team of doctors led by New Jersey radiologist Doctor Barry Katz. Frustrated by the lack of progress in ankle sprain prevention by athletic sneaker manufacturers, these medical professionals decided to create the necessary design. The resulting shoe reduces the incidence of sprains among users by an incredible 99 percent.


“The Alexio is the best choice for basketball players looking to avoid an ankle sprain,” explained Ektio’s CEO and founder Dr. Barry Katz. “I couldn’t be more excited to partner with the team at DICK’S Sporting Goods to make this technology available to everyone.”


The Alexio protects an athlete’s ankle by addressing the current faults in basketball shoe designs. When a player rolls their ankle in a traditional shoe, the shoe and the ankle invert. This force puts unnatural strain on the ligaments of the ankle, which causes the sprain. In contrast, the Alexio uses a patented series of straps, outriggers and an internal brace to support the ankle joint. The patented technology weds the ankle and shoe as a single unit, which will consequently prevent the rollover injury in the vast majority of instances.